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General information

Each photograph is printed on Fine Art quality papers made of 100% puré alpha cellulose cotton.

Suitable finish will be selected depending on the type of image to be printed. The range will

vary between subtle gloss (satin) to mid luster (pearl) through to high gloss (baryta).

Each image is printed with the Giclée technique, allowing to reproduce photographs with

greater precision of color and resolution than other printing methods.

The result is high quality prints, using inks that offer a permanence of the image for more

than 100 years without perceiving significant color alterations.

Each photograph has a limited edition of 10 copies certified with a respective document of

authenticity. The certificate of authenticity is designed to guarantee the originality of the printed work.

Each certificate is endowed with a numbered hologram. A second identically numbered hologram is

attached on the back of the print.

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